C64 Section Tour of AIRPORT1.de

This page created for C64 fans & freaks, who are interested in the C64 section of the Airport Number One only.
English and German mixed, sorry! This page is, as you can see, without any design - and unfinished :)

C64 Mixed Section:

My Software for C64
Demos and Tools written in 6510 Assembler by myself. First done in Promon 64, later in Turbo Assembler 5.0. Some are still not published and sleeping on 5.25" Disks ;)

C64 Artwork Gallery
Only the best - C64 in Pictures. Maybe a Way to show what is possible with Electronic from the 1980's.

My C64 Diplom
Signed by Commodore Chief Helmut Jost. I reached third Place in a Competition by the 64'er Magazine.

CCS C64 Emulator RGB Palette
A better RGB Palette for the CCS64 Emulator than the delivered one. From a real good Graphician, Deekay/Crest.

Game Of Life Project
The fastest Game of Life on C64 ever. German. Project running since 1995.

C64 Links
Great Link Section, located on my Links Page.

C64 Music Section:

C64 SID Tune Online Music Player
online with hundreds of SID Tunes, supporting also Modules/Midi

C64 SID Tune Online Music Player Help
unfortunately this player is not that easy to use

C64 SID Tunes Collection
the sid tunes used in the C64 SID Tune Online Music Player

Airport1 Radio (Start)
C64 Music Hits mp3 Broadcasting, fast inet connection required

Airport1 Radio Program
C64 SID Tunes list played on Airport1 Radio